Special Care

At Special Touch Dentistry, each patient receives specialized dental care. In fact, our care process starts even before the patient enters the office with their caretaker. Because we know each person’s needs may differ, we reflect that in our approach to their care.

Our Special Care process starts with a patient assessment. This entails a communication between our staff and the patient/caregiver to help determine the treatment process and place of care setting most likely to bring success with the patient’s care. It is similar to a triage, except we want to confer (prior to or at the first appointment) with the person who best knows the patient’s needs.

The assessment is categorized into FOUR treatment options:

  1. Patients may be mainstreamed at Special Touch for care that does not require any special accommodations.
  2. The dentist may use behavior management approaches, including additional staff, to treat the patient.
  3. The patient may need some type of sedation before treatment may begin.
  4. The patient may require treatment under general anesthesia, which is performed by our anesthesiologist in our operating rooms at Red Lion Surgicenter or Suburban Hospital.

Once we have determined the best place of setting for care, our highly skilled dentists will diagnose, treatment plan, advise, and treat most types of dental conditions. We perform preventive dentistry, routine care, basic care, and major restorative care to return and keep our patients in good oral health.

Dental Home

Special Touch is honored to have been chosen as the Dental Home for numerous special needs and autism stakeholder organizations, facilities, patients, and their families. We are the trusted clinician for many in the local Philadelphia area … and for many who travel a great distance to see us.

As the Dental Home, our patients come to us for all their dental needs. They appreciate our patient-centered approach to care, in which we plan the care collaboratively, based on what will result in the best care outcome and comfort for the patient. Whether patients receive traditional chairside dental care, mild sedation, or care under general anesthesia in an operating room, our patients have better dental care experiences in our Dental Home. 

Dental Home care includes:

  • Periodic exams and cleaning
  • Preventive care
  • Minor restorations
  • Major restorations
  • Periodontal treatments required for orthopedic or cardiac surgery

We offer a wide range of service capabilities, but if the situation calls for more specialized care with greater expertise than we can provide, we know a number of specialists to whom we may refer.

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